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Letrabots 01: ADE’s origins

Torneremo indietro nel tempo e vedremo la prima volta in cui i nostri amici Letrabots hanno deciso di fondersi…

Letrabots 02: Big Robot Mok and the Cybernetic Puppet Master

The Letrabots are investigating over the explosion but they bump into a weird spaceship. Here they meet a new mysterious enemy, the Cybernetic Puppet Master. To survive, the Letrabots join into the Big Robot MOK but the enemy is more strong than expected…

Letrabots 03: Demon and Genesis’ disappearance

The two Letrabots Demon and Genesis are on a mission but they are attracted into a mysterious cloud that damages their spaceship. They land on an unknown planet and here they meet the Letranimal! Suddenly, something unexpected happens and the situation gets insidious…

Letrabots 04: Chased in the forest

Demon and Genesis’ friends, Karat and Quantum, land in the Wild sector to search for their friends and get lost in Letranimal’ forest. They’ll find out that not all Letranimal are wild, with some of them you can even talk!Maybe they can help finding their friends…

Letrabots 05: Attack on Sungold mines

Dr. Bazz is headed to planet Fluver to study the Sungold in the mines, but he bumps into Robot Big One that tries to attack him… Luckily, the Letrabots are ready to save him; the Numbers have in fact been hypnotized by an unknown enemy and are headed to the mines to stole the Sungold. […]

Letrabots 06: In Letranimals’ den

Letrabots and Dr. Bazz are on Letranimal’s planet to find their disappeared friends but they bump into the evil T-Rex! After many battles and meetings, they finally find someone who can help them finding their friends. Will they manage to beat Beast and rescue their friends?

Letrabots 07: A mysterious help

In this number, Letrabots and Letranimals will once again have to fight against their evil enemies.During this adventure they will make an incredible discovery and an unexpected ally will come to their aid…

Letrabots 08: The dark side of the Moon

The legendary Letranimal Jurassik have been frozen and the Letrabots try to free them, even though they don’t kwon how they reaction to being awakened in another age will be. Combo Big Robot Testudon is one of Letrabots’ friends but when the Letranimal Big Robot are divided, they are wild animals that live of basic […]

Letrabots 09: Rescue mission

The Letrabots’ basis has been attacked by Letranimal Jurassik and the Letrabots will try to take it back, but to do so they will have to deal with the Combo Big Robot Letranimal Jurassik, gigantic and fierce!

Letrabots 10: The mystery night

Our friends Letrabots will once again have to defend themselves from the Letranimals’ attack and they’ll have to unravel the mystery od Genesis’ disappearing. What happened to him? How will our heroes manage to find him?

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special episodes

Speciale 03 Letrabots: Numberbots’ thief

The Letrabots are all together again! Professor Albistein is desperate: during the night, someone stole all of his Numberbots, the space robot numbers.Who did it? While investigating, they find out that the thief is Maluko, Dr Bazz’s sworn enemy. Will the Letrabots manage to win this time? Read the special comic!

Special 02 Kartbots: Adventure in Kartoria

Dr. Bazz lands on Kartoria, the only planet crossed by a racing circuit. He is accidentally involved in the race of the planet in which the 6 regions compete with speed.The track at some point turns into a battlefield!What will happen? Read the comic adventures of the Kartbots to find out!

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