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Letrabots brand

Letrabots is a registered trademark of Cicaboom srl, born from the many years of experience and passion of the three founding partners of the company and which took shape in a project that goes beyond the marketing of toys and reaches the production of content related to entertainment and publishing.

Letrabots are collectable robot toys and liked by children because they represent the archetype that unites the letters of the alphabet, numbers and some symbols with the concept of the secret, discovered through transformation. Moreover, the ability to assemble characters into Big, Mega and Giga Robots makes children want to complete the collection.

To date, the Letrabots collections are distributed on the newsstand and large-scale distribution markets in Italy, Spain, France, Britain, Germany, Poland, Russia and the United States of America.


Since 2016, construction of the Letrabots brand has also developed over time at the publishing level, creating a narrative which, in parallel with releases of the collections, has been enriched with new stories, characters and adventures, building a world in which children can feel at ease and live their adventures.

More about the property

The Letrabots property was designed from the outset to come to life in a cross-media ecosystem, a hub of content and products available on the website, connected to e-commerce, on the YouTube channel and on social media, but also within a mini television series on the main kids channels.

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Letrabots product

The world of Letrabots transformable toys is dedicated to a heterogeneous audience of children aged 4 to 11 but is also appreciated by mothers because it combines play with intrinsically highly educational characteristics.

Each product is designed to allow children to have fun in total safety and therefore reflects the highest quality standards obtained through continuous investments in research and development.

Inside each collection blister you can find a robot character, its illustrated card made of shiny plastic for being more resistant and a leaflet with a checklist for completing the collection.

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