No. players: 2

Age: form 6 up.

Play and have fun with mum and dad!

What you need to play:

  • your Letrabots and /or your Letranimals

  • the cards from the box

  • a 6-sided dice


  • Each player selects at least 2 cards and the relevant Letrabots from his collection and places them in front of himself.

  • Both players roll the dice and the person with the highest number starts the game.

  • The player who starts chooses which Letrabot to attack with by moving it near his opponent’s Letrabot, who is in defence mode.

  • The attacking player and subsequently the defending player have to formulate a word that contains one or all the Letrabot letters involved in the battle. The word must be different to the Letrabot’s names. The defending player can’t choose the same word as the attacking player.

  • The player who comes up with the longest word, with the most letters, wins and adds to his score, the points from the Letra Power on the card or cards that he managed to use to formulate the word.

  • Both the cards and the Letrabots involved in the battle are removed from the game.

  • The words used by both the players in the battles are written on a sheet of paper and cannot be used again in this battle or in the tournament if you are playing one.

  • At this point the player who defended first becomes the new attacker and follows the steps described previously.

    The players alternate the role of defender and attacker in each round as long as there are cards and Letrabots still to play.


  • The winner is the player who has the highest Letra Power score once all the battles have finished.