Here you can find all the insights on the Letrabots’ TV series 

Extra – In the deep blue

Planet Prime, the home of the Letrabots, is vast and home to numerous aquatic areas: not far from the volcano, is in fact Lake Deeper, an immense blue lake under the surface of which are hidden specimens of all species. Swimming in the fresh waters of the lake, you can meet salamanders, turtles (remember @ton?), frogs and minnows! It looks like a paradise, but between strokes, you can also meet the giant plesiosaur of the lake: Dolores! Dolores is usually docile and composed, but also solitary: if someone she doesn’t like invades her underwater space, she does not think twice about slapping him with his pink fins… that happened to Byonic and his bolts still hurt!

Extra – Electron’s traps

Electron is the brave Letrabots and he’s always ready to help friends, but you can not say that he is a magician of pranks: every time Apolion makes a joke (and it happens very often) Electron tries to return the favor by plotting evil plans and building secret traps. Too bad that not even one of his traps and his pranks has ever succeeded: Apolion manages to predict his moves and to avoid deception, often turning against him and Electron, you know, is touchy and short-tempered, so rages and becomes red and hot… causing even more fun for his friends Letrabots. Poor Electron… will he ever pull a prank on Apolion?

Extra – INGREDIENTS: Letrametal and bolts

The Letrabots, like the Letranimal, are very old beings, born from the Letrametal, precious material present only in some remote and very resistant planets. Like armors, the body of the Letrabots is held together by bolts on the knees and in the elbows.

Despite being a natural and ultra-resistant material, even the Letrametal needs care and attention: every night, in fact, the Letrabots rub the bolts with fresh engine oil (and sometimes they drink a little), so they become shiny and snappy. Electron, very attentive to its shine, also sprinkles with golden stink oil, which makes it very shiny! Except the golden stink oil smells so bad…

Extra – Ouch! My poor butt…

Bad is a ferocious and gigantic carnosaur (not that there are small and docile carnosaurs, in fact…). But he too, like everyone else, has a weakness and is quite exposed… it’s his big butt! Every time he is hit by Apolion’s arrows, Genesis’s whip or Electron’s shield, everything turns red and Bad is forced to stop and cry a little. He tried to protect him with underpants made with the leaves of the forest of the Planet Wild, but it served little purpose: the leaves in contact with the Letrametal give a strong itch and Bad was forced to walk in a strange way, triggering the laughter of all Letranimal. So Bad, as the proud carnosaur he is, has decided to let loose his big ass, exposed to enemy attacks!

Extra – Tortoises and turtles

@ton is a beautiful specimen of archelon, the largest sea turtle ever existed, is over 4 m in size and weighs about 2000 kg, with a hooked beak, powerful almost like the Hannibal’s jaw. @ton lives in the sea and in lakes, unlike @kab, the Letranimal tortoise that loves to live on dry land. It is said that @kab is even a little afraid of water and @ton often teases her about it. What unites @ton and @kab is their strong carapace, inside which they hide when they do not want to be disturbed… especially from the Letrabots. One thing is sure: it is better to knock before putting the bolts in their house!

Extra – Letrabots’ fears

Although the Letrabots are brave heroes, they are all afraid of something and they are not ashamed of it at all. Apolion, brave and robo-tough leader, has a huge fear of the dark: he can’t stand more than 1 second in the darkness without starting to tremble; in fact, on the Letrabots base, his room is the most illuminated and the night he sleeps with a light always lit near his bed: enough to make him sleep soundly. Genesis, the rational engineer, is afraid of heights and every time he is at the top, he starts to sweat (luckily the Letrametal doesn’t rust!). His fear of heights does not prevent him from helping his friends in need: in that case he takes his Letrapropeller and flies to the rescue… with eyes closed, though!

Extra – Apolion prankster

Each Letrabots has its own character: Genesis is curious, Byonic is good, Electron brave and Apolion… he is a prankster! With and jokes, he gives no respite to his friends, even during battles. Of course, we all have a funny friend and we couldn’t live without him, but Electron every now and then would rather just sit back and sip his bolt juice instead of always falling into Apolion’s pranks. Once, he dropped a whole bucket of paint on his head and Electron became so furious that he became incandescent (I know what you think “but Electron always gets angry!” and you’re not wrong…); but the more Electron gets angry, the more pranks Apolion makes him. But friendship is joking together, isn’t it?

Extra – The fastest of the thieves

Fast is the archeopterix of the Letranimal Jurassik and is an ancestor of the modern Pica Pica or, more commonly, magpies. The magpies have a slender body, in order to steal everything they can, they are very intelligent and nourish of everything they find “at beak”. Fast, like all magpies, is attracted to everything that glitters: that’s why he steals shiny objects, like the Letrametal antenna of the Letrabots. Once, when Electron had polished his bolts with purple stink oil and was super shiny, Fast stole him too and took him to his big nest along with the rest of his loot. Did you know that female magpies are attracted to the brightest nest? That’s why every male magpie decorates its!

Extra – Mistreated Byonic

Byonic is the tender of the Letrabots group, he loves animals, prehistoric ones in particular, but his love is not exactly reciprocated. Whenever our heroes meet a Letranimal Jurassik, Byonic runs to him to pamper him, no matter how fierce he may be. Dolores slapped him with his killer fins, Hannibal yawned him with his crushing jaw, Lollo pushed him away with his crushing goring and Fast caught him hard on the head, but he does not give up and continues to “make friends” with Letranimal. Luckily he has broad shoulders and then, as he always says, “that’s how the Letranimal show their affection“!

Extra – The Planet Prime

Planet Prime is the home of the Letrabots: they have been living here since the beginning of time… and they feel really good there! Planet Prime has very varied views: from the forest, where the Jurassik Letranimal live, to the volcanic area. The base of the Letrabots is located on a hill overlooking the forest and from there the Letrabots can control the whole planet: they see the lake and even the volcano, a pretty good view! The element that makes it spectacular to live on the planet Prime is the sunset: every day the Letrabots witness breathtaking sunsets, the whole environment is tinged with pink and the atmosphere becomes so pleasant to soften even the most ferocious of Letranimal. Who knows that at sunset, one day, Letrabots and Letranimal can make friends… certainly Byonic hopes that!